Developing the Ultimate Guest Experience

Hospitality Excellence , a leading Guest Experience Management firm, delivers service excellence and provides authentic training and consulting worldwide to Hotels, Hospitals, Healthcare, Automotive, Call Centers, Financial Services, Retailers, Marine, Property Management, Restaurants, and all service providers.
President Roberta Nedry and her experieced training team work with executives and managers in a variety of industries on transforming customer experiences and the evaluation, mapping and design of each experience touchpoint. Their boutique style allows them to offer a customized approach unique to each client’s environment and business goals through exceptional service delivery. Hospitality Excellence provides online and onsite training and consulting on all aspects of Guest Service , Service Excellence and Experience Design in both English and Spanish. They help clients increase guest satisfaction scores, repeat business, referral business, employee retention and overall profitability and productivity through guest service training, design and evaluation.

Roberta and her team publish articles, content and presentations around the world on Guest Service, Exceptional Service Delivery and Creating “WOW” Experiences. Roberta is a featured author, consultant and speaker on Guest Experience Management internationally and is often quoted in major news sources. The Hospitality Excellence team has trained over 30,000 employees and managers in all areas of service delivery and how to deploy service excellence as a business strategy.

Soon, Hospitality Excellence will be introducing a newsletter, a book and new training tools in addition to their online program “3D Service” and extensive onsite training programs and workshops.
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